Royal Berkey RB4X2-BB Countertop Water Filter System With 2 Black Purification Elements

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Royal Berkey  RB4X2-BB Countertop Water Filter System With 2 Black Purification Elements

Features & Benefits: 

  • Royal Berkey Comes With 2 Black Purification Elements
  • 2 Black Purification Elements ( Filters) Will purify approximately 6,000 Gallons of Water
  • Extremely Durable 304 Stainless Steel - No Worries about Corrosion 
  • Provides Water for 2 - 4 People per day
  • Up To 8 Gallons Per Hour Flow rate
  • Holds 3.25 Gallons
  • In Emergencies & Fully equipped can provide for 85 - 170 people per day 
  • Breaks down for easy transport in Emergencies
  • The Elements ( Filters) Are re-cleanable and self-sterilizing 
  • Elements come with 2 Year Warranty
  • Removes Heavy Metals ( Like Lead & Mercury), VOCS, Pharmaceutical
  • Removes Radiolocal Contaminents
  • Removes Bacteria and Viruses
  • Removes Pesticides (THM's)
  • Can remove fluoride with a PF-2 Element


 There is a reason the Royal Berkey Water System is the best selling gravity water system. It is virtually unbeatable when it comes to purification of the water and at the same time longevity of the filters. People easily see 3-5 years with normal use of the purification elements. All one has to do is clean them once a year.

Not only does the Royal Berkey Water System have amazing water purification qualities, it also looks amazing! The Royal Berkey Water System is built with 304 stainless steel ensuring that it will last for generations. All the while looking amazing in your kitchen. Actually, it will become a staple of your kitchen. A water cooler esk look for your home. Certainly, don't be surprised when guests ask for more of the water after their first glass. And be prepared to tell them about Berkey. Because the water taste so good!!! Once you and your family start drinking the purified water you will never go back to tap, or bottled water.


Even though there are amazing qualities of the Royal Berkey Water System purification flavor there is so many other added benefits. Like the security you ensure for yourself and your family. When you have a Berkey system at home you never have to worry about drinking water for yourself and your family. Be rest assured you have water for years in an emergency. And if your town is the next "Flint" you wont have to worry if the City is doing their job or not. The Royal Berkey filter removes pathogenic bacteria, cysts and parasites and extracts harmful chemicals such as herbicides, pesticides, VOCs, organic solvents, radon 222 and trihalomethanes. The Royal Berkey Water Filter also reduces nitrates, nitrites and unhealthy minerals such as lead and mercury. 

Be rest assured that in an emergency where you need to travel the Royal Berkey will break down super easy. Once it is broken down traveling with the system is simple, throw it in a back pack. And know where ever you are you can filter the water and have safe drinking water! That is a great comfort for yourself and your family. So don't go another day without having the security of safe drinking water.

All of these things about Royal Berkey Water Filtration System are great, however we know buying a water filtration system is complicated. So to state it simply know with this system you get it all. It removes everything you need to remove, while ensuring years of purified water. And its so easy to use. Just pour water in the top, wait a few minutes and you have a glass of Perfect Water!!

Order today and get the assurance of Pure Water Guys 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! 


  • SKU: RB4X2-BB
  • Height 15.25 Inches
  • Height in use 23"
  • Diameter 9.5 Inches
  • Weight 8 Lbs Empty

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
One of the greatest investments I have made in a long time

One of the greatest investments I have made in a long time. The water tastes great and the product is very well constructed.

Water tastes wonderful

I fumbled somewhat and had leaks because I was concerned about over tightening the spigot. After a few tries I finally arrive at the correct torque and no more leaks. Our water here in Pasco County, Florida is very hard and this system does a great job of softening and removing any unpleasant taste out of the water.

Nice, clear, tasteless water

We love our Berkey water! When we moved into our house (built in the 1910s) I could noticably see a yellowish color to the water. I couldn't drink anything but bottled water so I knew we needed a long term solution. The Berkey is perfect for us. This size always keeps up with our large family and when we know we'll have guests coming over we put a pitcher full of Berkey water in the fridge so we know we'll have enough. The drip is very slow, but I don't mind when I know it's going to be good water.

Love IT

The best!

Five Stars

nice to not be filling dozens of jugs a week. pair with the PF-2 and drink clean water!

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