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RTS - RAIN BARREL - FLAT BACK 50 Gallons-190L-Woodgrain

$149.99 $182.00
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RTS - RAIN BARREL - FLAT BACK 50 Gallons - 190L - Brown With Brass Spigot

Enjoy all the benefits of capturing fresh rain water. This barrel is designed to never decay. This means you will never have flack or issues inside the captured water.

  • Comes Standard with Brass Spigot for shut off
  • Designed with flat back to sit flush against your wall
  • You can connect to other barrels for extra capacity
  • Screen protects from debris and insects
  • UV8 stabilizing formula used to prevent fading for 5 years
  • Child and Pet proof for ease of mind
  • Brass shut off valve also allows for hose hookup
  • 50 Gallons or 190 Liters
  • MPN: 5510-000600-56-81

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Blends with Decor!

Love how it looks in the yard, is not an eye sore, and it blends well with my decor.

Very pleased with quality and performance

This product is well built and is working well. Only regret is that it is not of larger capacity. Very pleased with quality and performance. Just remember that when full the flat backside does bulge out a couple of inches due to the pressure of 50 gallons of water. It is not a problem.

5.0 out of 5 starsHighly recommended

I highly recommend this model. It looks very attractive and functions very well. The top portion and overflow is well designed.

50 gallon rain barrel

I ordered this barrel and was happy with the appearance and quality. After our first rain however I unfortunately found out that this barrel had a hole in it near the bottom so it leaked out all the water. Fortunately Amazon is top notch with exchanges for damaged items. I was shipped a new one right away and given an option to print a label and drop the old one off myself or schedule a UPS pick up. The hole appeared to be a manufacturing defect since it was right on one of the seams of the barrel. My tips for any buyers would be to inspect the barrel upon arrival. I did this with the new one by taking it outside on a very sunny day. If there are any holes or defects you'll clearly see light leaking into the barrel when you look inside. My other tip is to purchase a stand or have somewhere that it can sit on a ledge since the spigot is very low. Others have complained about the overflow being in the front of the barrel. If this is something that would bother you I would suggest putting a hole in one of the side knobs that are used to connect multiple barrels. You could connect a hose there and direct the overflow where you want. Overall I'm very happy with this purchase and would recommend it. I'll update this review if anything changes over time.

The barrel looks great and easy to get set up

The barrel looks great and easy to get set up. For the price it's great. There is only one flaw I have found and that is with the screen for catching debris. If the barrel fills up in a heavy downpour (I am in Florida), the over flow cannot keep up and water flows over the top. The screen is not secure and floats rendering it almost useless. I will have to find a simple way to secure this.

The spiget installed easy enough but if you do not pay attention you will cross thread as many have mentioned. Lay it on its back when doing this.

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