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Calmat Electronic Anit-Scale Water Treatment System 1-6004-000

$349.99 $367.49

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Calmat Electronic Anit-Scale Water Treatment System 1-6004-000

Salt Free Alternative to Water Softeners

  • High standard manufacturing in Germany since 1948, sold worldwide
  • Keeps important minerals in the water
  • Improves & Restores Water Pressure
  • 5 Year warranty
  • Only cost approximately 7 Dollars a year ( 4.3 Watt)
  • Automatic Memory Program - Means set it and forget it
  • Treats any types of pipes
  • Faster Cleaning of Kitchen and Bathroom
  • Do It Yourself installation - Super simple


Calmat Electronic Anti-Scale

 Calmat Electronic Anti-Scale System protects your piping system against scale deposits and rust. The Calmat Impulse technology makes the crystallization process of liquid calcium impossible. Thus stopping the hard scale from attaching to your pipes. All of this is done without chemicals or salt. Calmat works completely maintenance free, so you can set it and forget it.  Not only will this protect your pipes but Calmat will protect your appliances as well.

When you start using Calmat Electronic Anti-Scale system it starts protecting your pipes and appliances. It will prolong you appliances life span and decrease money and time spent repairing your expensive appliances.

Calmat will save from lime-scale deposits on your shower heads, sinks and faucets. Calmat works independently of the velocity of the water like other technology therefore it provides consistent protection. Again, set it and forget it...



SKU: 1-6004-000

Dimensions: 2" H x 7" W x 6" L


Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
So far so good

It’ s Been installed about a week and we can see some small changes in the crusty stuff on the ends of the facuets, shower head and the texture of the water over all. Still a little early to see how clean stuff will actually get, but so far we are encouraged. Pure water guys shipped fast.

Too early to tell

We have only had the system on the house for two weeks so it is too early to tell how effective it is, BUT...this is a very good company to do business with. The shipping was very fast and we were quite happy with the transaction over the net.

Quality product. Easy to install.

Quality product. Easy to install. Works on the water all the time, even when the water is not flowing. Also, need to give it time to see the results. Make sure you wind the two coils opposite, for it to work.

I recently purchased a calmat

I recently purchased a calmat a to s ale and rust system, I recently relocated to NH, and our well has a modest amount of iron and minerals. Installed three weeks ago several hours after installing there was a very noticeable change. Iron lost its bounding ability and toilet, dishwasher, sinks, washer very minimal cleaning. At this point in time my wife and I are very happy. We get to keep all those important minerals in our wTer!

Best water treatment device in market

I installed the device 2 weeks ago. I could not find any exposes water pipe near the main shut off valve. So, I cut the dry wall nearby the valve and found 1" copper pipe. The device is outside of wall and two activation cables were wrapped around pipes inside of drywall.
Two day after installation the water stain was dramatically dropped. The main advantage is that the scale is easily to be removed. Otherwise, I have to use vinegar to do it. After 2 weeks the smell and taste of water are much better than before. I wish I would install Calmat 3 years ago.
Compare to other two kinds of salt and non-salt water conditioner or softener. This is the best--- price, quality, size and installation.

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