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Hard Water Genie No Salt Softener and Descaler

$349.00 $436.00

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Hard Water Genie No Salt Softener and Descaler


  • Super Easy Installation and Fast
  • Gets Ride of Current Scale in Pipes , Saving you tons of money
  • Gets Ride of Scale in Hot Water Heater, Saves money and hassle
  • No Maintenance
  • Provides Soft Water without Salt or Chemicals , Never lug salt bags again
  • Genie has been manufacturing these for 45 Years
  • Lifetime Warranty


Have you ever thought there has to be a better way to solve hard water? The traditional route is to buy or rent costly salt ion-exchange softener or replace plumbing pipes and water heater every so many years. Hard Water Genie is your solution! Read below why it is so amazing.

Hard Water Genie is the only system on the market use both RF Radio wave and DIC Electromagnetic technology in the same unit. Simply put, this makes Hard Water Genie the most effective and easy system in the World. This system then removes scale from your pipes and hard water heater. This means you will save thousands of dollars not having to hire a plumber to replace pipes or water heater. Not to mention start to restore water pressure.

The U.S. government found that consumers save about 48% of their hot water energy dollars with the elimination with reduction in the scale. A family of four would save an average of $750 per year! That is a no brainer, it will only take about 6 months to get your money back.

Hard Water Genie softens makes water wetter and softer, this means soap works better and clothes become cleaner. Showering with this new water feels fresher and hair becomes softer. All of these benefits happen with a super easy installation. There are no moving parts, no chemicals and no salt.

How It works

There are two technologies employed in Hard Water Genie computerized water conditioner. The first technology is Radio frequency and Direct inductive coupling. The insanely microprocessor delivers insane 13,000 varying low frequency pulses per second. This destroys the calcium carbonate particles adhesive nature , rendering it impossible to stick to pipes. As this water flows through your homes pipes it will reverse the scale forming process, destroying the current scale. Then, offering future prevention!

You should expect if you have older pipes to take 30 - 90 days before the whole process is done. If you have brand new pipes you will notice everything working almost immediately.... The Hard water Genie computerized Water Conditioner is a water technology that physically changes minerals stopping scale build up. The old water softener replaces calcium and magnesium ( "hardness") with salt or potassium. 


  • Cost to Run Hard Water Genie? Less than $8 a year
  • Will Hard Water Genie change my water flow? You will see improvement in water flow due to the cleaning of the plumbing pipes from scale.
  • We have high Iron will Genie help? This system doesn't attack iron or rust directly, however since hard water ( calcium or magnesium) no longer form scale deposits the Iron has no where to attach. Iron staining will be gone forever or very very reduced. 
  • Can Hard Water Genie work with Existing Filters or Water Softeners? Yes. All main house systems benefit from the descaling process. Reverse Osmosis systems, will be scale free and last longer. If you keep your current water softener just install Hard Water Genie before the softener. This will save you money by reducing the salt consumption.
  • Will I notice more lather from soaps, shampoos and detergents? Yes, the average household can expect 25% reduction in use of all detergents, shampoo and household cleaners.
  • How easy is it to install? It is super simple, no need for a plumber or cutting pipes.

    1- Locate the pipe where your water supply first enters your building.
    2- Wrap each signal cable in the same direction 30x around your water supply pipe with a minimum of 2-1/2” between cables.  
    3- Connect the signal cables to the Genie unit and plug into 110 Volt outlet.  Easy installation also means that, should you move, Genie Computerized Water Conditioner is simple to disconnect and to take with you.

  • Will it work with any pipe material? The unit can be installed in any pipe material including copper, PVC, steel, galvanized, apex, etc. up to 2-1/2” diameter.


  • Warranty: Lifetime
  • SKU: HHWG3000
  • Depth: 9 in
  • Height : 14.5 in
  • Width: 20 in



Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Excellent water softener

This is a second unit we've installed. The first was a different brand, and croaked after 3 years. We found this one on Overstock, and decided to give it a try. This was a 1/3 of the price of the first one, and promised a lifetime warranty. It took about 3 hours to install as I had to calk the box to the wall to prevent water from getting behind the unit. The effect on the quality of the water was immediate. We're very pleased with it, and hope it will last longer than three years.

5 Stars

I bought this unit. It does very good job. Allow it about 4 month to see completely work out depend on your water condition.

So far, so good

Hard to know for sure how well it will do the job as only installed 2 1/2 weeks ago. Replaced salt softener & it was allowed to run for another 10 days per instructions. Installation was easy. So far, so good.

Convenient, Easy to Use, Light Weight, Takes Less Space

Four Stars

No issues with install.

I Had my Doubts

I had my doubts. However I could see a huge difference in water spots within the first 8 weeks. My wife and I had some silverware that I thought was ruined forever by hard water spots. After installing the Water Genie all of my silverware and my Glasses are getting cleaner with every wash. Great Value for what it does. If you are having issues, I would check your installation.

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