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AquaRain Model 402-AM402-Water Filter Stainless Steel Gravity System

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AquaRain Model 402 - AM402- Water Filter Stainless Steel Gravity System

Highest quality drinking water for less than 2¢ per gallon

Features & benefits

  • Removes dangerous chemicals and organisms — eliminates cysts (cryptosporidium, giardia lamblia) and bacteria (E. coli, salmonella typhimurium, etc.); keeps the good natural electrolytes and minerals
  • Good-tasting — silvered granulated activated-carbon absorbs MTBE and pesticides, removes chlorine compounds including carcinogenic halogens and improves taste and odor
  • Long-lasting ceramic filters — just add tap water or rain water to produce thousands of gallons; Clean the Filter up to 200 times
  • 2 high performance ceramic elements - producing up to a gallon of premium high quality drinking water per hour!
  • Sanitary — sterile metallic silver maintains filter purity; stainless steel housing makes for safer environment
  • Certified — meets stringent NSF standards; fully achieves USEPA requirements of a Cyst and Bacteria Water Purifier
  • Economical — each gallon costs less than 2¢ to filter
  • Seamless stainless steel housing — easy to care for and clean
  • Eco-friendly — uses no electricity or harmful chemicals
  • SKU: AM402


The AquaRain® Natural Water Filter will provide your family and loved ones with laboratory proven safe drinking water...without electricity, without plumbing, and without pressure or chemical pretreatments.

Our patented sub-micron ceramic technology positively removes dangerous living organisms and harmful bacteria from your drinking water...naturally...using microfiltration and gravity.

A dense and highly adsorptive carbon filter bed has been incorporated within the ceramic shell and sterile metallic silver added to maintain purity in the filter system. The attractive super-sanitary stainless steel housing is press-formed without seams or welds and has easy lift handles. A unique "splash guard" system insures safe drinking water in daily operation.

Here is what may be the best part... the AquaRain® can produce quality drinking water for less than 2¢ per gallon! The Model 404 comes with a full complement of 4 high performance ceramic elements, producing up to a gallon of premium high quality drinking water per hour!


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

I love this! I use it to filter the city tap water from my kitchen faucet, which smells strongly of chlorine or something else. I still am not fond of the taste of the water that I get out of this filter because it tastes a little too soft and not crisp like purified water. It reminds me of the water from those refrigerator water filters. But, the water smells and tastes much better than the unfiltered tap water. No more chlorine smell and I don't have to lug those heavy 5 gallon bottles from the vending machines every week. The 2 filters are more than enough for my 2-person household. When my household grows I will probably add 2 more filters.

It really works as claimed

Do not bother with the knock off from china. This is the real deal for water purification. I collect rain water and use this to purify my drinking and cooking water. I have convinced many friends to get one to clean their city water which is re-cycled sewer water. Looks nice on the counter in the kitchen. It is very easy to use and clean. Well constructed, I should get years of service if I take care of it and not abuse it. I up-graded mine with 2 more filter, making it a model 404 which I should have bought in the first place. Nothing wrong with 402, my water needs are more than casual water consumption. It will filter faster with 4 filters.

Very Happy!

I did a lot of reviewing gravity water filters and this is by far the best out there. It arrived well packaged and with easy to understand instructions along with a testing summary filter sheet. I called customer service and asked questions for 30 min about the filtering process and they were happy to answer all my questions. 5 star customer service. It works great , and water tastes great. The only thing I would improve on is the rubber base, doesn't fit great and has a rubber Smell.

my choice over a Berkey

I spent a lot of time researching the aquarain and the berkey.....and after reading all I could find, chose the aquarain 404. Here is are the reasons behind my decision: 1. Both this one and Berkey Royal hold around the same amount of water, but this one comes with 4 filters, and the Berkey comes with 2. (we have a well so did not need the flouride using the 4 in the aquarain will give us faster water filtering...than just the 2 in the Berkey) 2. This was less expensive (probably because you can buy directly from the manufacturer rather than a Berkey distributor who makes a profit)..... I bought mine off ebay as an overstocked new one from aquarain...was new in the package never opened for $285. 3. I liked the handles on the top section for easy lifting (Berkey doesn't have them)....4.The Berkey clear glass water spigot (for viewing water amount) fit well on this aquarain. 5.I have read on reviews that folks can use Berkey and Aquarain filter interchangeably..... but for the record, I could get4 new aquarain filters for $158 or 2 Berkey for $107)......6. I like that Aquarain is made in the U.S.A. and also that they send a little gadget to use to check your filters (helps determine when they are worn down and need replaced). Overall I feel both are equally good quality (my friends have Berkeys...but wranglerstar on youtube had an aquarain which is what prompted our research in the first place) Came down to price in the end.

Own the 404

I have owned the AquaRain #404 since 1999, and since have purchased the smaller 200 unit also. (I love them!!) I was curious on the difference between this #402 and my #404...I called AquaRain and the only difference is the amount of filter elements you use. So the size is the same, the filtration the same, just two less filter elements. This information was useful to me, so thought I would let anyone else know who might be confused as I was.

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