Katadyn 8016389 KFT Expedition (High Capacity)

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The Katadyn Expedition is ideal for large groups and relief organizations. It is indestructible and easy to use. The best choice for expeditions, River Raftings, Camps, etc. Includes: Prefilter and carry bag

- Capacity (gal): 26000
- Capacity (L): 100000
- Dimensions (cm): 58 x 20
- Dimensions (in): 23 x 8
- Output (gal): 1 gal/min
- Output (L): 4 L/min
- Technology: 0.2 micron ceramic depth filter (cleanable)
- Weight (grams): 5200
- Weight (oz): 183.4

Customer Reviews

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This is the best filtration system I have for water safty in a crisis situation for my family.

I really wonted a good filtration unit in case we suffer a water problem. If your family needs the option to have safe water in a crisis this will give you security. Anything from a well going bad to a bigger problem in large water system this helps you to be safe option. I have purchased a couple other systems and this is the best unit of my group. I am a plumbing contractor with energy star certification and was a certified well operator so for me this is a safety issue.

Greasy rubber grime soughing off of o-ring.

Update once again. After over 250 gallons of filtering later, the black residue coming off the plunger rubber o-ring is hardly noticeable. I clean it every 25 gallons or so, but this required wiping off the plunger and devising some sort of pipe cleaner to clean the plunger housing. I also learned how little of the silicon grease is necessary. Once you apply a minute amount of grease and a give it a few plunges, you can give the plunger a good thorough wipe and the plunger still operates silky smooth.


Update from the initial review of one star below: I decided to try a new unit after Katadyn responded to my inquiries, saying that my filter did have excessive silicone grease sprayed at the factory on the plunger which left an oily black residue on the ceramic filter. Before using the replacement unit, I ran clean water through the plunger without the ceramic filter installed. The water initially had black oily residue floating on top. I cleaned the plunger of excess silicone and wiped the black rubber residue off of the o-ring. I repeated this process until I went through about 30 gallons, at which time there was minimal slick of silicone on top of the water and the o-ring slowed it's shedding of black rubber compound. The main reason I would recommend doing this with a new unit is to not contaminate the ceramic element with silicone grease. I give it 3 stars for now because the rubber o-ring should not be shedding

Buy nice or buy twice...btw,THIS IS NICE, VERY NICE!!!

Made in Switzerland, Katadyn makes makes the worlds premier water filters and the Katadyn Expedition is no exception. This filter is built to last and is surely to come in handy during an adventure vacation or in your own backyard during a SHTF scenario; I intend to use this filter to provide pure drinking water for many of my friends and neighbors when the time comes...whether that time is tomorrow (unlikely) or 20 years from now, this filter will still be a good as new, ready for the call. ~Semper Paratus!

Almost forgot to mention, this product comes highly recommended by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger and editor of Natural News dot com

Katadyn Expedition

This is an exceptional water filter. It is an expensive item but an absolute must have for anyone concerned about a potential loss of fresh water. Due to power outages, hurricane's, or worse. You can pump drinkable water from any stream, pond, or standing body of water. I would highly recommend any Katadyn product because in any situation you can only go about 3 days without fresh water.

Works Great

This is a really great filter! Used this in Africa. It does take a lot of hard work to get enough water for large groups. We had 29 people in our group. We were digging wells. When we got to the village our first priority was to get clean water for the team. The only water for miles was a watering hole. The water was, murky, gray and well.... frightening. After we ran it through this filter it was clear and safe to drink. We put two people on water duty per day. Taking turns two people working at least eight hours can get enough drinking and cooking water for a large group.

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