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Propur Chrome Shower PM-9000C Filter ProMax Massage Head -

Propur Chrome Shower PM-9000C Filter ProMax Massage Head


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Propur Chrome Shower PM-9000C Filter ProMax Massage Head


  • High Efficiency
  • 5 Function Massage Swivel
  • Muli-Stage Filter
  • Filters Over 200 Contaminants
  • Easy to Install

Take a shower with the new high efficiency Propur™ Chrome Shower Filter with 5 function massage swivel shower head and experience the difference. 

Features new ProMax™ encapsulated multi-stage filter cartridge technology.

Each stage is comprised of a unique proprietary formula of filtration media designed to target a specific group of contaminants.

Helps protect your skin from unhealthy effects of contaminants that may be in your water. Independent lab test (see at shows the Propur™ ProMax™ Shower Filter helps reduce over 200 contaminants including VOC’s, heavy metals, lead, pesticides, chloramines, chlorine, fluoride, herbicides, pharmaceuticals and odor. Helps control scale, algae and bacteria.

Easy to install. The shower head is rated at 2.0gpm. Meets WaterSense efficiency criteria. The Propur™ shower filter is made from ABS plastic with polished chrome finish and is BPA free.  Best operated at 80 psi and 115º F. Fits 1/2” NPT, ISP and BSPT pipe thread standards.


Up to 9 month filtration capacity.

Dimensions: 3.5" x  9"

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
5.0 out of 5 starsWater just feels better, less dry and I no longer get dizzy ...

Water just feels better, less dry and I no longer get dizzy from the steam with longer showers!

I would recommend it.

The ProPur Max shower works greats. My hair does fall off anymore, so the chlorine is being removed from the water. I would recommend it.

My old shower head had to be run at full power to get a good spray, I run this at about 40-50% th...

Been in use for a week. It made a huge difference in my shower experience. The shower head on this functions well, though it seems to have only 2 settings and I think the ad says 3 settings. Normal spray works well and I have long hair and beard. My old shower head had to be run at full power to get a good spray, I run this at about 40-50% the water volume of my old head.
As far as fluoride removal goes, I have not tested this. I do know my water feels a lot better. My skin doesn't itch or smell like chlorine. I didn't realize how much I smelled like chlorine after showering until using this and smelling clean skin.
I'm trying to operate it at lower water pressure to get more showers out of the filter and because it seems like it'd do a better job of filtering if the water is moving slower through it. At full blast this thing will rinse any amount of shampoo out of my hair.
Only offered 4 stars because I want to see how long the filter is effective for as well as durability.

5.0 out of 5 starsWOW! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE our new ProPur ProMax Shower Filter and Shower Head!!

I give this shower filter and shower head 5 stars! The water pressure on this shower head is GREAT! I was concerned the water pressure would be low using a shower filter, but not the case with this one. I used to feel tired and worn out when I got out of the shower not realizing it was the poison of the chlorine, but not anymore! My husband and I both feel refreshed and invigorated now after a shower. We've noticed our hair is softer. I have hi-lights in my hair and I can't believe how improved my hair feels in such a short time of using this shower filter. It's only been twelve days. In the past our skin would feel tight after a shower. Now our skin feels softer as well as rejuvenated.
One of the features we like with this shower head is that it swivels. It allows us to direct the water in the direction we want it to go, which is helpful with younger kids or an elderly family member in your household. Another feature we like is having the choice and the flexibility of the three spray settings on the shower head.
Lastly, it was easy to install and activate the filter. It took my husband all of 5 minutes to install.
The final thing that sold me on the ProPur company and their 4 stage shower filters is that they share the results of the independent lab testing of each of their shower filter products. I didn't find any other companies who did this. It helps with every thing on my list I was concerned about reducing or removing from our shower water.

Five Stars

Works great!

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