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Propur Big Original 2-ProOne 7" G2.0 filters Brushed

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Propur Original BIG With 2-ProOne 7" G2.0 filters Brushed

Propur™ Big system features include: 

  • Recommended for 2-4 people 
  •  Removes fluoride, heavy metals, contaminants, glyphosate and more 
  •  NO priming required
  •  Leaves good minerals, including calcium, in water
  •  Most economical "All-In-One" contaminants & fluoride filter element 
  • 2.75 gallon capacity 
  • Standard # of filters: 2 
  • Maximum # of filters: 3 
  • High quality polished or optional brushed stainless steel 
  • Embossed Propur™ Logo
  • Includes 2 ProOne® G2.0 7” filter elements 
  • Includes solid 304 stainless steel spigot and non-slip pad

The Propur™ Big is essential for an emergency preparedness plan for you and your family. It is economical, convenient and easy to use. The system requires no electricity to provide reliable water filtration just about anywhere whether at home, office, vacation, camping or college dorms! Works with just about any water source  including tap, lake, river, stream, pond and rain water. Ideal for emergency or daily use. Each container is made from one piece of high quality polished or brushed(optional finish) stainless steel for lasting durability and attractive appearance. The system comes equipped with two ProOne® G2.0 7” All-In-One contaminants & fluoride filter elements and can be expanded up to three filters.

The Propur™ Big comes equipped with 2 ProOne® G2.0 7” filter elements. 

The ProOne® G2.0 filters for the Big 

  •  Filter element size is 2.75" x 7" 
  •  Recommended replacement for 2 ProOne® G2.0 7” filter elements: up  to 12 months 
  •  Most economical "All-In-One" contaminants & fluoride filter element 
  •  Silver infused to help prevent growth of bacteria 
  •  Easy to clean



  • Height: 21.5” 
  • Diameter: 9.25” 
  • SKU: PP-202POGB

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Nice System - Looks nice and east to assemble and clean

    I really like this water purification system. I am giving it 5 stars because it looks nice, is easy to assemble and apparently works. I have well water and was concerned about what was in it. I have not had my water tested, so I am not sure if this purification system is really necessary, but it will be if the electricity ever goes out.

    Since I don't have chlorine in my water, I can't comment on this system's ability to rid the water of a chlorine taste and smell.

    I may get my well water tested as well as a sample of the water "purified" with the ProPur, I would be interested in seeing the results. But assuming the filters work as advertised, it's a great system with a long life for the filters. If I get the water tested, I will update my review.

    5.0 out of 5 starsTested the water with my pool chemistry kit

    I bought this directly from ProPur and received their free shower head filter also as a promotion. I tested this filter with my swimming pool test kit. The tap water at my house had the lines flushed with chlorine the previous month and the Chlorine levels were 3ppm and smelled very strongly of chlorine. That was more chlorine than my swimming pool!! That's what prompted my ordering this product. By the time the filter arrived a week or so later, the city had stopped the chlorine flush, and the tap water tested 1ppm for chlorine, but amazingly and frighteningly the tap water still tests at 3-4ppm for chloramine/chlorine byproducts, with no discernible smell to warn anyone! We assembled the new filter and the water that came from it tests at 0ppm for chlorine AND 0ppm for chloramine/chlorine byproducts! ZIP ZERO NADA! Chlorine in your water is no joke, and has been linked in studies to decreased testosterone levels in adolescents, premature birth and miscarriage. What a relief it is to drink clear clean water, and be able to verify that the product is working with my pool chem kit.

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