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ScaleWatcher 3 Star Electronic

$399.00 $582.00

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ScaleWatcher 3 Star Electronic


  • No Salt or Chemicals Needed
  • Super Easy to Install
  • No Maintenance 
  • Tiny amount of power consumption
  • Makes water Feel Softer
  • Reduces Scum
  • Improves Water Flow
  • Extended life of Water Heater
  • Extended life of Water filters & Reverse Osmosis Systems
  • Prevents Itchy Skin from Hard Water
  • Works on any pipes ( copper, lead, steel,pex and pvc)
  • Eliminates scale on faucets & shower heads


The Simple Solution to Hard Water

 Have you been looking for a simple solution to your hard water problems? Are you losing water pressure? Do you have scale on your faucets and shower heads? Don't wait any longer you have found an amazing solution.

The Scalewatcher 3 Star is super easy to install, anyone can do it. There is no maintenance. All of this while knowing that it takes very little power to run. All while getting a 10 year warranty.

The concept of magnetic water treatment is over a 100 years old. Scalewatcher 3 Star takes this to the 21 first century with special patented technology. Scalewatcher 3 Star uses magnetic and electric fields with changing frequency. This process simply effects the crystallization growth in water. This makes it very difficult to stick to the pipes. 

The greatest thing is that this process does not remove nor add anything to the water. The water remains chemically unaltered. Your water retains the minerals and taste the same!


  • 10 Year Warranty
  • 1 year Performance Guarantee
  • Use in house, condos and offices up to 4,000 SQ Feet
  • Softens 50 Grains of hardness or 850 PPM
  • SKU: 1001 
  • Pipe Size: up to 1.5 Inch
  • Voltage: 110-240 VAC + 10% 50/60 HZ
  • 10 Watt
  • Power Supply: Internal
  • Coil Cable: 16 AWG (1.5 mm2) Stranded white
  • Max Temperature: 176 F / 80 C
  • Driving 2 Coils Double Stacked
  • Bar Graph Reading
  • Maximum Ambient Temperature: 122 F / 50 C
  • Minimum Ambient Temperature: 14 F / -10 oC
  • Enclosure Material: ABS, Beige
  • Protection Rate: NEMA2 / IP54
  • Dimension Unpacked (LxWxH): 8.3”x 4.1”x 2.6”/ 210 x 105 x 65 mm3
  • Dimension Packed (LxWxH): 9.6”x4.7”x3.5”/ 245 x 120 x 90 mm3
  • Weight Unpacked: 1.1 lbs/ 0.5 kg
  • Weight Packed: 2.6 lbs / 1.2 kg

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
It works

When I first installed this device I didn't feel any difference in the water. After 30 days I started regretting that I had paid hundreds of dollars for something that wasn't working. I just left it on and slowly but surely I started noticing that the water was getting softer. After using it for a year now, I am happy with it. It has saved me about a $500 in water softening service. I wash my car now at home instead of taking it to a carwash.

Does the trick!

The scalewatcher is great. Took all of 15 minutes to set up....and the results were tangible and immediate. I noticed a difference in the hardness of the water with my very first shower. After 30 days I also noticed a considerable difference in the flow of water out of my faucets. The calcium deposits have all but dissappeared and the showerheads and faucets flow now versus sputtering. As someone who toiled with salt bags and water softener repairs for years, this is a lowcost godsend.

So far so Good

We installed a few weeks ago and are satisfied so far but the value shows up over time; it's not an immediate ROI. There are cheaper systems but considered this a good value for middle of the line purchase.

Try it for yourself it works!

Works great! Less scale buildup and softer water.
Washington DC area

AWESOME Water Softener

Santa Barbara water is fairly hard (500 to 700 TDI). I was a bit skeptical about the unit, but the other reviewers convinced me to give it a try. The scalewatcher has made the water feel soft and great lather from shampoo and soap in the shower. My wife loves it. "AWESOME !" to quote her. She used to have to use body moisterizer everyday, but not since the scalewatcher her skin feels soft and no white water residue on her skin or the shower. I will be buying one or two more for rental units.

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