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AquaRain 2-Pack Ceramic Filter Elements Replacement -

AquaRain 2-Pack Ceramic Filter Elements Replacement

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AquaRain 2-Pack Ceramic Filter Elements Replacement

Single Patented High-Performance Ceramic Element for use with all Models of AquaRain Natural Water Filter Systems, 8” Long, 2” Diameter, Includes necessary hardware, end-of-life gauge, scrubby pad and instructions. Compatible with all systems.



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My take on new AquaRain filters

They work as expected.

As a bonus the newer "wingnuts" have a much lower profile.
I believe this is an improvement over the older ones, which tended to snag (on rim of lower reservoir, or say a counter top) & break the filter's threaded nipples off their base, rendering those filters useless.

While i'm on the subject, i had asked PureWaterGuys if there was any way to repair those filters with broken-off nipples.
Didn't (yet) get any response to that question.
At $40+ a pop, it'd sure be nice to repair the 3 or 4 broken filters that i can now claim from days gone by. Seems to me there should be an inexpensive fix for just such a thing, but i haven't quite figured it out yet.

And furthermore, if AquaRain made the upper reservoir's base lip a little taller, it would better protect the wingnuts & nipples from accidental snags, holding them clear of countertops, etc..

I read in the directions accompanying these new filters, that the upper reservoir should be filled from a pitcher, rather than moving it off the lower reservoir, and that's generally sound advise. But if drained past, say, ~2/3rds or so, i find it easier to move the upper rez' to my sink to fill it there.

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