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Crystal Quest Fluoride Removal Triple Cartridge Countertop Water Filter System


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Crystal Quest Fluoride Removal Triple Cartridge Countertop Water Filter System - White

Key Features and Benefits:

  • 8 stages of filtration
  • Easily Connects to any Kitchen Faucet
  • BPA Free
  • Removes Chemicals linked to cancer (THM's, Benzene) 
  • Removes Pesticides, Herbicides, insecticides, volatile organic compounds (VOC's), PCB's, MTBE's
  • Removes Heavy Metals like Lead, Mercury
  • Up to .5 Gallons Per Minute


There is a reason the Crystal Quest Countertop Replaceable Triple Floride removal Water filter system is a top seller in the World. It is simply amazing at getting rid of all the nasty things in your water, while being simple to install. So simple you just set it on your counter, then add to any kitchen faucet. Then you are ready to enjoy pure water after it goes through 8 stages of filtration.

You have to have this today to ensure yourself and your family's water is safe and clean.

Water travels through 8 stages of filtration:

In stage 1

water travels through a solid carbon cartridge for removing volatile organic carbon compounds (VOC's, insecticides, pesticides and industrial solvents).

In stage 2

Water travels through a FLUORIDE REMOVAL cartridge containing synthetic Aluminum Oxide adsorbant media specifically designed to have a high affinity for Fluoride, Lead and Arsenic. It removes metals through a mixture of adsorption and chemical reaction with the media; therefore, the elimination is not reliant on ion exchange. It has uniform particle size, is physically stable and can be used over a wide pH range. Capacity: 4500 ppm Fluoride (Avg. 1000 to 1500 Gallons) .* As high as 11000 ppm F+ with effluent levels below 0.2 ppm from 10 ppm F+ feed.

Also effectively removes lead and arsenic.

In stages 3 and 8

water flows through pre and post one - micron filter pads (1 micron equals 1/25,000th of an inch), which remove suspended particles such as silt, sediment, cyst (Giardia, Cryptosporidium), sand, rust, dirt, and other un-dissolved matter.

In stages 4 and 5

Water flows through a bed of media made of a special high-purity alloy blend of two dissimilar metals - copper and zinc (ERA-6500, ERA-9500). ERA-6500 and ERA-9500 are major advancements in water treatment technology that works on the electro-chemical and spontaneous-oxidation-reduction (Eagle Redox Alloy®) principles. Chlorine is instantaneously and almost inexhaustibly oxidized.

In stage 6

Water flows through ion exchange resins, reducing heavy metals such as lead, copper, aluminum, and water hardness.

In stage 7

Water flows through granulated activated carbon (GAC). GAC is universally recognized and widely used as an effective adsorbent for a wide variety of organic contaminants, such as chlorine (99.9%), chemicals linked to cancer (THM's, benzene) pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, volatile organic compounds (VOC's), PCB's, MTBE's and hundreds of other chemical contaminants that may be present in water causing bad taste and odors in your drinking water. All Crystal Quest® GAC is a mixed blend of coconut shell and catalytic GAC to address both chlorine, chloramines and these byproducts. 



Dimensions: 13 x 14 x 4
SKU: CQE-CT-00133
Weight: 11.6 lb





Customer Reviews

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* Works good enough to protect you from heavy metals and fluoride
* Easy to use
* Quick install - fits almost anywhere
* Water is noticeably better
* Simple
* Multiple Filters provide convenient water filtration and peace of mind


* Plastic leaches toxins into the water over time - Purchase stainless steel unit
* Requires gentle usage - Abusive handling will cause breakage rapidly
* For best results water requires additional filtration - This is the case for any affordable filter however
* Not the best design to obtain surface area utilization - it could be better for little to no additional cost.
* Filtration is inferior to PROPURE* gravity system - still, those are more expensive


* Use the added pre-filter made by crystal quest ASK for it - Additional PRE and or POST filtration suggested.
* Ozonate the water after filtration - Please study ozone generator usage for your personal water
* Prime the filter before using - use high flow for 10 minutes then let drain with medium-fast drip for 2 days.

Flouride Bad

Flouride's other use is rat poison and this is a good filter to remove it. I have used mine for a year or so and it works great. I'm purchasing another one for my daughter.

Great water!

I have used this filter for two weeks, the water taste great. Easy hook up however you will need an adapter if your sink faucet is a smaller diameter, adapters come with it but nothing I could use. Right now I have it hooked up in the laundry room so I am still filling containers :( It is a big large for the counter-top so I will be working on a way to get it under the sink using hoses and fitting I already have from an older filter system.

Excellent and removes fluoride

I had the previous generation model to this one for about 5 years. Fluoride removal is very important to me. It worked very well until lately when we could tell by the water taste that the filters were exhausted. I chose to purchase a new one rather than replace the filters due to the new design and technology. Got it today, installed very quickly and easily. Water tastes WONDERFUL now! Tastes completely clean and fresh - what a huge difference! This design is superior to the previous in that it no longer uses a drain hose from the filter housing allowing for more flexible location options. Considering how many gallons these will clean, this is an extremely economical way to get top quality pure water.

Everyone should have one!

I got a fluoride shower filter, too, as this toxin penetrates the skin. You should treat the whole house! Great product so far and I am VERY pleased. It does take up a bit of counter space, and I WISH they had included a longer connctor tubing, but it works great! Water looks and tastes fresh and clean.

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